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Postnup Template coming soon.

What's Included?

- Prenuptial Agreement Template (provisions for: separate property, community property, gifts, inheritances, spousal support, debts, financial disclosures, waivers, no contest clauses, mediation, etc.)

- Written Instructions On How to Fill Out the Prenuptial Agreement Template

- Written general guidelines on what can and cannot be in prenups, the mandatory waiting period, whether an attorney is necessary, mandatory financial disclosures, and more!


Work on the template, together as one unit, and tailor it so it is customized to benefit your marriage & both you and your future spouse's goals.


Also, if you bundle, you can purchase "Attorney Review" for an additional $350. Your Agreement will be reviewed to make sure it's valid and enforceable and you will receive a one hour meeting to discuss anything else you may need.

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