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Prenuptial Agreement Template AVAILABLE NOW!

Postnuptial & Transmutation Agreements COMING SOON!

A cost-effective, and DIY way to still obtain a valid, enforceable Agreement, without needing to spend several hours researching, googling, and figuring out what and what not to put in your Agreement.


Created by Deveney Wells-Gibson
Founder & CEO of The Prenup Queen

I created The Prenup Queen in 2022 and never looked back.

By trade, I am a family law (AKA Divorce) attorney in San Diego, CA. Day in and day out, and I swamped in situations helping folks unravel years of a marriage. It's disheartening and I absolutely hate the effect is has on children.

After speaking with several clients about the downfall of their marriage, there were some major lessons I took from them, as to why their marriage was not successful. The crux of it all boiled down to communication. Not communication during the marriage, but communication before getting married.

There was a lack of having hard, uncomfortable conversations because they thought bringing up potential issues, standards, expectations, boundaries, future goals, future dreams, etc. could possibly rock the boat and/or lead to their partner no longer wanting to be with them and marry them.

The decision not to have those uncomfortable conversations in the beginning, led to the decline of the marriage. They thought sweeping certain topics and discussions under the rug was the right move and that they would deal with the issues if/when they ever became an issue. 

Many folks no longer opt to do premarital counseling, although I believe it should be mandated before marriage. My goal is truly to help you and your future spouse have a beautiful marriage, and in doing so, I'm going to help foster these uncomfortable conversations and then we're going to put it in writing - hence, a prenuptial agreement.

I want to make sure you and your future spouse are on the same page in every facet so that WHEN (not IF) the issue arises, you two already know what to do, how to navigate, and if anyone ever forgets, you have a document outlining it.

I'm excited you're ready to take this next step in fighting to keep your marriage safe from the high divorce rate. You're about to embark on a journey that could ultimately save your marriage.

What's All Included?

- Prenuptial Agreement Template (provisions for: separate property, community property, gifts, inheritances, spousal support, debts, financial disclosures, waivers, no contest clauses, mediation, etc.)

- Written Instructions On How to Fill Out the Prenuptial Agreement Template

- Written general guidelines on what can and cannot be in prenups, the mandatory waiting period, whether an attorney is necessary, mandatory financial disclosures, and more!


Work on the template, together as one unit, and tailor it so it is customized to benefit your marriage & both you and your future spouse's goals.

How Much Does It Cost?


Not per couple! TOTAL.


Also, if you bundle, you can purchase "Attorney Review" for an additional $350. Your Agreement will be reviewed to make sure it's valid and enforceable and you will receive a one hour meeting to discuss anything else you may need.

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