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- How Prenups Set Marriages Up For Success

- Prenups Are Basic Financial Literacy: Financial Implications of Marriage in Our Modern World

- Entrepreneurs: Protect Your Business Ventures with Prenups & Postnups

- Building Generational Wealth: Prenups & Postnups Protect Family Finances

- Make Your Own Choices & Keep the Government Out Of Your Marital Finances

- Boss Babes & Stay-at-Home Moms: The Future of Financial Empowerment for ALL Women

- Have Hard Conversations Now (Or Face Hard Consequences Later)

- New Tricks in an Old Field: Breaking Barriers Through Legal Business Innovation

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Through her legal education and experience as a family law attorney, Deveney Wells-Gibson - AKA The Prenup Queen - quickly arrived at a troubling realization.

The gap between mainstream perception and the actual realities of marriage, law, and modern finances is GAPING and insidiously harmful.

Traditional models of legal practice have effectively suppressed public awareness of legal knowledge and systems Americans have a fundamental right to utilize & benefit from. Discouraging if not insurmountable barriers to access prevent the optimal life experience of many individuals and families.

Deveney has chosen not to accept the status-quo. She is an empowered woman who has
dedicated her career to empowering others.

Through public education, guest speaking, extensive grassroots networking, and the spearheading of legal innovation at her very own firm,

Deveney is fundamentally impacting the realms of law, money, and personal empowerment.


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