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1. Decrease the rate of relationship failure by increasing communication, understanding, & accountability.

2.  Educate partners on the financial implications of marriage and their legal options so they can properly protect their individual, marital, and generational finances.

3.  Empower EVERYONE with the knowledge that prenups and postnups are basic financial literacy in our modern world.


I became The Prenup Queen out of my love for helping couples have a successful partnership. Working tirelessly as a divorce attorney, I saw the many pitfalls that ultimately resulted in countless marriages ending - oftentimes in a quite hostile manner.

My services are designed to assist those looking to enter into marriage, a domestic partnership, or cohabitation with their partner. My "on-paper" services are legal agreements, but my clients experience the added (and MAJOR) benefit of true peace and confidence in their partnerships - stemming from my skillful way of fostering & facilitating open and loving communication through sensitive and/or uncharted topics.

Originally from Texas, I attended California Western School of Law and have made a home in sunny San Diego, California with my dog Porsha. 

In my spare time you can find me dancing, working out, and traveling.

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