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Should I Hire An Attorney For Our Prenuptial Agreement?

Different Ways To Utilize An Attorney

There are different ways to utilize an attorney when it comes to handling your prenuptial agreement.

1 - Hire an attorney to draft your prenuptial agreement from scratch

2- Hire an attorney to review your prenuptial agreement before you show it to your partner

3- Hire an attorney to review the prenuptial agreement your partner gave you

4- Hire an attorney to help you negotiate the terms in the prenuptial agreement

Situation Where Attorneys Are Mandated

The Uniform Premarital Agreement Act does mandate the use of attorneys when certain provisions, such as spousal support, are within the prenuptial agreement. So in some cases, yes it is absolutely necessary and mandatory to have an attorney.

On the other hand, to ensure your prenuptial agreement will not be challenged later, it is advantageous for both partners to have their own independent counsel, so that there can be no arguments of "mistake" or ignorance.

Thinking Long Term

Look, we know finances can sometimes be tight and people are always happy to save a buck where they can.

Now, here is the thing - by all means, if you absolutely need to save money, then create your own agreement to the best of your ability. There are certain provisions, language, and rules that MUST be included and followed, in order for a prenuptial agreement to hold up in court. Don’t risk putting your future self in a bad situation because your present self wanted to save a few bucks. It is 100% not worth it.

Did you know that in the U.S., the average cost of divorce is $12,900. In some states, like California, that number jumps to $17,000 and that’s if the issue of children is not involved. Just spend the extra money now to save you the time, money, and energy later.

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