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A 5-week workshop for both you and your partner to participate in creating your unique, custom-made prenuptial agreement that will oversee your marriage.

Instead of defaulting in your state's laws, you and your partner can create your own. 

This is the perfect opportunity to get you and your partner on the same track regarding finances, businesses, your future, your partner's future, the marriage's future, and if applicable, your children's future(s).

Perfect for all couples who are committed to ensuring their marriage stands the test of time & to ensuring their marriage does not fall victim to the divorce rate that is nearly 50% of marriages.


April 22, 2023 - In Person Workshop:

Time:   9:30AM - 2:00PM

An Attorney & Coach/Therapist guiding participants through the extensive prenup process, coaching guidance on how to address hard/taboo topics, and break out sessions for individualized assistance.

*Breakfast & Lunch Provided*


April 29, 2023 - May 13, 2023 (Virtual):

Time:   10:00AM - 12:00PM

Open virtual hours to answer any questions, assist the couples through the prenup process, review documents, etc. This is when the final draft should be completed, with the guidance of the attorney and/or coach. Unlimited access, via email to attorney for document review, guidance, advice, etc.


May 20, 2023 - In Person:

Time:   10:00AM - 12:00PM

Set aside time for couples to have prenups notarized & signed by attorney.

*Light Breakfast Provided*

Cost & What's Included

2023 Workshop Cost: $1,700*

   *Payment Plans Available Upon Request

-Breakfast & Lunch for 4/22/2023 workshop

-Notary Services for 5/20/23 workshop

-Light Breakfast for 5/20/23 workshop

-Access to Attorney & Coach at 4/23/2023 workshop

- In Person and/or Live Access to Attorney every Saturday during workshop/event time

-Access to Attorney, via email, from 4/22/2023 thru 5/27/2023 to provide advice, guidance, review of documents, assistance with financial disclosures, etc.*

   *expect a 24-48 hr turnaround time for response 

-An attorney for other partner to have representation, if necessary. (A list will be provided at the 4/22/23 workshop)

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